Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My new craft room ........

Well, here we are, new house (temporarily) and new craft room. This one definitely has lots of pro's such as its size and the fact it has lots of natural light and a sink but, there are cons too. Being rented on a short term let means we can't do ANYTHING here, so putting up shelving is a 'no-no'. I have things stacked high and every wall has a bookcase or similar against it - I am thinking I may have to have some back-to-back bookcases in the middle of the room but I'd rather not.  I do seem to have a LOT of UM's, that's them in the little plastic takeaway tubs! In fact, I think I have a lot of most things!! I still have 4 boxes to unpack .........


  1. Wow! Looks good Lyn :-)

  2. And I thought I had a lot of stuff - must show these pictures to R so he can see that my stash collection is quite small really.

    Karen x