Friday, 18 February 2011

Oooooh, another technique to try....

I've just read about gelatine printing - googled it, watched UTube videos etc and now I HAVE to try it. Watch this space - I will be reporting on my efforts in due course! 

I'm still waiting for my new pasta machine (aka fimo machine) to arrive - it's in the postal system somewhere, then I can decide which machine is best for pasta and which is best for fimo ..... then i can make more dragons!

Glimmer Mist Backgrounds

Over last weekend I played with my glimmer mist sprays (again!). I did the reverse stenciltechnique shown by Dyan from Art from the Heart which I had great fun with. At first I was concerned because I was getting through the sprays like crazy (and they're not cheap!), and especially didn't like blotting off with kitchen paper. But, once I saw the results I was hooked.

I made a card for Annie's birthday which maybe one day I will be able to show a photo of, but at the moment it turns itself round sideways as soon as I try and upload it - a pity cos I really like this card! I also made a card for the dragonfly swap over on Oriental Stamp Art, but then I re-read the instructions (note I said RE-read - yes, I had read them before, just forgot what they said! That's the difference between male & female - men don't read instructions, women forget them, LOL!). I should have made a regular A6 card, not square :( so then I had to make another one ....

I much  prefer the square one myself. Never mind - I now have a spare card!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Pesky Squirrel

So, the squirrels kept eating the bird food so Geoff had the good idea of utilising an old cat basket. We did debate whether a squirrel could get through the holes but thought possibly not. WRONG!

Needless to say the cage has now been relegated back to it's place in the garage and the birds are still fighting the squirrels for their food - until Geoff's next bright idea!

Altered Pen Pots

I am taking part in the Oriental Stamp Art Yahoo Group's Monthly Swap for the next 3 months. We are in groups of 3 and we each make something for the other 2 members of our group. My boss was getting rid of a load of pen pots which had 2010 calendars on them and no sooner had I said 'whoa, they can't be thrown away, they can be altered' than I had a great pile of them put on my desk. So - here we are, oriental themed pots. An added bonus is that they fold down reasonably flat for posting.

One for my boss

I'm one of those who finds it hard to think up designs for men's cards but my boss likes to receive a hand made card (I spoilt him the first year I was there!) so this year I went for the traditional 'old car' theme. He seemed pleased with the end result!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Lyn's Dragon (one for Wendy!)

Yesterday evening at craft club we were lucky enough to have the amazing Birdie Heywood showing us how to make polymer clay (fimo) jewelry. She was also doing other workshops at the shop where our club evening is held and I decided to go to the one today which was to make a standing dragon.  I had actually looked at doing this class when the schedule first came out but thought it would be waaaaay too fiddly for me, but after practising with the jewelry I was hooked. So, today saw me making this little (rather skinny) little lass (or maybe a gay guy).

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I learnt so much, I just hope my wee little brain can contain all that information (I did buy Birdie's DVD just incase it doesn't!).