Friday, 18 February 2011

Glimmer Mist Backgrounds

Over last weekend I played with my glimmer mist sprays (again!). I did the reverse stenciltechnique shown by Dyan from Art from the Heart which I had great fun with. At first I was concerned because I was getting through the sprays like crazy (and they're not cheap!), and especially didn't like blotting off with kitchen paper. But, once I saw the results I was hooked.

I made a card for Annie's birthday which maybe one day I will be able to show a photo of, but at the moment it turns itself round sideways as soon as I try and upload it - a pity cos I really like this card! I also made a card for the dragonfly swap over on Oriental Stamp Art, but then I re-read the instructions (note I said RE-read - yes, I had read them before, just forgot what they said! That's the difference between male & female - men don't read instructions, women forget them, LOL!). I should have made a regular A6 card, not square :( so then I had to make another one ....

I much  prefer the square one myself. Never mind - I now have a spare card!

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  1. they are both lovely Lyn, have to say I prefer the square one too :-)