Friday, 4 February 2011

Lyn's Dragon (one for Wendy!)

Yesterday evening at craft club we were lucky enough to have the amazing Birdie Heywood showing us how to make polymer clay (fimo) jewelry. She was also doing other workshops at the shop where our club evening is held and I decided to go to the one today which was to make a standing dragon.  I had actually looked at doing this class when the schedule first came out but thought it would be waaaaay too fiddly for me, but after practising with the jewelry I was hooked. So, today saw me making this little (rather skinny) little lass (or maybe a gay guy).

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I learnt so much, I just hope my wee little brain can contain all that information (I did buy Birdie's DVD just incase it doesn't!).


  1. LOL one for me indeed! love the detailed colouration.

  2. You did a fabulous job on this dragon. Wow. He's really wonderful. Welcome to the wonderful world of PC. You will always be thanks for stopping by my blog for OWOH.