Thursday, 20 October 2016

Blogtober - another post and more gelli printing ......

I can see now that the reason I gave up on posting to my blog in 2012 is because Gelli Plates hadn't been invented! It would seem that most of my time is spent pouring gallons of paint on my plates and pulling zillions of prints. Of course there are times when I get side-tracked with Brushos and similar products and yes, I have a humongous box of those as well, but they do all come out and get used as backgrounds ........ eventually!

Today I am sharing a tag I made for a swap using the packing tape transfer technique. Paint and inks etc are layered up on the gelli plate and what you see in front of you is what you get as your end result. Once you are happy with the way the design looks you leave it to dry and then use wide clear packing tape to pull the print and immediately place it down on paper/book pages/music score etc. (There are several YouTube tutorials on doing this technique). You do need to leave some clear patches in the design so that the sticky on the tape can actually stick to the paper. I have tried using gel medium to glue it down but it wasn't as successful as leaving the clear spaces.

As you can see, I used the paint left on the plate after pulling the print to make up another similar sheet (paper, not clear tape) which I used for the back of the tag. I also made a little pocket for a mini tag to sit in.

Close up of front of tag

I made this tag with 1.5" wide tape but a lady in the group this was made for has suggested using a roll of clear book covering. I have now purchased a roll so next time will be able to pull a print off the whole plate rather than having to do it in sections and try, not extremely successfully, to piece it together!

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Aztec Metallic paints on the gelli plate ......

Just a quick post today as I've been asked to show how the Colourcraft Aztec Metallic paints mentioned in my 'new stash' post last week beaded up on the gelli plate and the results of pulling a print with them.

I've used the bronze paint here:

Brayered on to the gelli plate:

Print pulled on white card:

Print pulled on black card (I'm liking this one!):

I'll definitely use them on occasions on the gelli plate, possibly as a middle layer - who knows! Things are very random in my craft room!

Monday, 17 October 2016

Blogtober Post 8 - The best way to spend a Saturday ......

We have a farm shop/craft shop a few miles away called Pickwell Farm and a few times a year they have guest professional artists in holding workshops. On Saturday I was lucky enough to go to the one run by Mark Gould of DecoArt - a great down to earth guy and great teacher. 

When we first sat down we had a pile of MDF pieces which we had to glue together to make a 12 x 12 box and lid - that was a joke and I can tell you, the air inside my head was very blue and occasionally some of it would escape and a naughty word would come out! I wasn't the only one having trouble with it which made me feel a bit better!

Eventually the box was made and we slathered it with moulding paste. Once dry we painted, painted more, grunged up, stencilled etc and the end result is below. I can't tell you how much product we used - we got through gallons of the stuff! I hadn't quite finished mine at the end of the workshop so completed it at home, adding, as an extra, some crackle paste to the topper which I let dry overnight then rubbed a little Antiquing Cream over - after all you can't have too much crackle, can you?

I must say, I arrived home with extremely painty hands and with numerous splatters over my face and neck which hubby thought was very funny :)

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Blogtober - post 7. My home made gelli plates .....

Although I already have 2 gelli plates, when I saw a recipe demo'd by Jennifer Petz on her YouTube channel ( and I had the ingredients to hand, I had to try it out.

I'm not sure that I had the right sort of alcohol; the recipe is for American ingredients and states 95% alcohol - I had surgical spirit so used that. I guess a high proof Vodka might have worked too ...... but why waste Vodka trying?! I made one tiny plate and one a about 3" x 6". I used the tiny one first; it worked fine for the first few prints pulled but gradually started to break up on the top (this is when I thought my alcohol might not be right as all other ingredients were as the recipe). It did leave some interesting patterns, so not a total waste. The larger plate seemed sturdier and I used that several times without it breaking up at all. I did find pulling the last of the paint off of the plate wasn't quite so easy as with a purchased plate but I cleaned up with a baby wipe and the paint came straight off.

The one thing I would say is to have some ventilation in your room; those plates totally stink! It wasn't helped by the fact I was also using an onion to print with today so the mixed vapours around me were very pungent!

This is the larger plate - the frilly edges are from the pot I used to make it in, they didn't affect the use at all:

This is the little plate - not quite big enough for the prints to be used for an ATC - I should have thought that out better! But it can be melted back down and made in a different container next time. You can see how the top is breaking down slightly.

This print was done on the smaller plate:

Here I was pulling the remains of the paint off of the larger plate; there was a bit of paint left on the plate after this pull but I just wiped it clean with a baby wipe, let in dry and popped it back in the pot it was made in. 

So, will I continue to make these - possibly not but it was fun to try and I will keep these on the go, melting down and re-setting when necessary. If you haven't got a gelli plate then this is a very easy and quick way to get one and if you can get the correct ingredients I would imagine it would hold up better than mine!

Monday, 10 October 2016

Blogtober - Day 6 and new stash arrives .....

I had a good post day today when 2 small parcels of goodies arrived from Chocolate Baroque. As I was already in my little craft room and had just started to get some supplies out to play with, I put them to one side and started unpacking and, of course, playing with the new goodies.

First of all, Colourcraft Aztec Metallics - these are really shimmery and pretty.

Sadly they don't put the names of the colours on the bottles and some are similar; they give a lovely sheen and I can see these coming out for the Christmas crafting.

I did try using them on the gelli plate but they just beaded up. This did create a nice effect when printed but I possibly wouldn't bother to use them on the gelli plate on a regular basis.

In the next box were these not so little pots of shimmery, glimmery joy and a bottle of acrylic wax.

I used the soft form relief paste through a stencil and left it to dry and this is the result - isn't it beautiful?!

I didn't get around to having a play with the wax so that's my unpacking done for today. Don't forget to head on over to Syreeta's blog via the Blogtober button on the side bar.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Blogtober - Going Asian

Today I am sharing an ATC I made for a swap, the theme being 'Newspaper and a Button'. I had some old Asian newspapers in my stash so took the fashion and food pages to be sure there was nothing 'suspect' written there and folded them into little kimonos. Finished with a ribbon sash and a very mini button painted with Krylon gold pen and with a little bit of coordinating thread tied through.

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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Blogtober - Day 4

This little bird was made for a swap - I cut the base from thick board and used gelli printed papers for the body and wings and buttons for the eyes. I added a few white pen and gold highlights The aim was to have both sides totally different, which I succeeded in doing (and far easier than trying to get them exactly the same!).

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