Friday, 12 January 2018

Christmas and New Year Stuff

During December I made a few Christmas cards just for close family and friends, some of which I actually remembered to photograph/scan. I keep forgetting that vital step recently, usually remembering just as the card goes into the post box!

Here are a couple I did remember to take photos of - the first background is done with Distress Oxides and the second is a gelli print; the images are from Vera Lane Studios on Etsy.

And here are are some New Year's cards, the last two for ladies in my Oriental craft group hence the nod to 'oriental' with the text stamp in the background. Top background is a gelli print, the others are done with Distress Oxides (you'd never believe these are my two favourite ways of doing backgrounds .....!!) :

Thanks for looking!

I'll be back soon ;)

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