Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Fun with Fabric Paper

Time's got away from me yet again; that's house-hunting for you, it takes over your life :(.  But, we have now found a house, had our offer accepted and it's all going ahead so I now have to play, play, play in my craft room before it's taken away from me. Who knows how long it will be before I get set up in the new house.

On the Arttechniques group we were challenged to make fabric paper - what fun! It's very messy but very addictive and a great way to use up scraps of this and that (junky bits which I always seem to keep).  Here are photos of my first couple of efforts. This one is quite small (possibly 8" x 6") and I used pictures ripped from a napkin for the main design. The flowers didn't show up well enough for my liking so I stitched around them, added a bit of extra colour and then used a watered down gesso wash to soften the background a bit. I finished it off with 3D Dimensional paints and accent beads.

This one is about 10" x 12" and was done in more autumal shades (the colours don't show at all well in the photo), I added a few skeleton leaves and after adding more layers I stitched around the leaf shapes. I have now used this as the base for covers for a book which I am making pages for on the Oriental Stamp Art group - it still needs a some work but I'm getting there slowly and if I remember I'll add photos of the finished covers!

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  1. These look fascinating Lyn, look forward to seeing the finished covers :-)