Monday, 27 March 2017

Here I am, at last .......

We were away for the whole of January, visiting our daughter in Australia, so no crafting was done over that time. When we came home I decided to empty my craft room totally and redecorate. Hubby laid a new floor (getting rid of the rather smelly carpet we'd inherited with the house), I nabbed DS's desk that we'd been storing in the garage and hubby re-jigged the shelving. I got rid of SO much stuff - I can't believe I had so much total rubbish in there (well actually, I wasn't really that surprised!). So my room looked like this for a while - tidy!:

Of course it's not this tidy now! I'm now back in 'making a mess' mode; that has to happen if masterpieces are going to be created - right?!

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