Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow Day = Playtime!

We woke up to find a fair bit of snow on the ground - I took a walk outside mid morning to see if I could possibly drive to work but it was waaaayyyy too slippery, so, after a bit of housework I had some play time in my craft room.  I have too many different ideas flitting around in my head at the moment so decided to ignore all of them and get out the alcohol inks.  And - what goes best with alcohol inks - Cherry Pie stamps of course!! I started by doing a test image on a scrap of alcohol inked cardstock which already had a flower cut out of it; I liked the result and decided to use it and do another 2 along the same lines. Funny how things like that happen isn't it?!

Here's the result.

The next two are similar, the first one is lighter and more subdued ...

the next one is darker and more grungy - I think I prefer it ....

 Another result of me playing was that I forgot I had a ham cooking in the oven and forgot that the log fire was alight. It wasn't until Ollie the cat came to tell me he was hungry and I walked back through the house that I reaslied - the smell of (very) well cooked meat and a virtually dead fire.  Ollie was NOT impressed that he took 3rd place in the proceedings of putting everything to rights!


  1. You sure put the snowy day to good use (and probably a lot more fun too!). Thanks for using my stamps!
    xx Marina

  2. Hi Lyn

    I've added your blog to my list of "Muses for Inspiration"

    When you find out how yo put a picture in the header do tell.


  3. Beautiful Lyn. I can't possibly pick a favorite. Hopefully the ham was edible :-)

  4. Hi Lyn,
    You did a great job with this art work - I like the cards very much!!!!

  5. Very pretty. Makes me want to get my stamps out and play.

  6. Lovely Lyn!

    I feel for poor Ollie. Maybe he misses me. :)

  7. Gorgeous cards Lyn - I love all of them!