Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Catch up Time!

How did it get to be October, and the middle of it no less? I think it's time to do a bit of catching up. Although I haven't actually done a vast amount of art work over the past couple of months I have had a few sessions playing around with various background techniques, throwing paint and ink around and generally making a mess (no comments please Karen, Sy or Wendy LOL!!).

One project I took part in earlier in the year was a calendar to be sold in aid of 'Go Red for Women' an American Heart Association initiative. I am a member of the Lost Art Creations Yahoo Group and Terrie, the owner, organised this. The rules were that each calendar page had to contain at least one image and one 'pretty bit' from her Etsy shop and have a heart somewhere on it.  I made the page for March:

Terrie has printed and bound all the calendars and they are now on sale - I am proud to be a part of this, and excited to think that a piece of my artwork may be gracing many walls during the month of March 2011!  Many of us are raffling off our original artwork for this too, with all proceeds going to the charity.

A couple of months ago I took part in a gothic arch swap where 12 of us made double-sided pages to be made into a book. This was good fun - I got lovely and messy with the blue and black inks (which stayed on my fingers for a good two days, despite all my attempts to get it off, I think there was just tooooo much of it!).  There were some absolutely gorgeous pages made by others taking part - mine is below:

Front.  The gravestone flap folds down and the verse behind it is:
Step into the darkness
Say goodbye to the light
We live in an eternity
Where every day is night

I can't give credit to the originator of the verse as I found it on the internet - but I did think it went particularly well with the theme.

Oh to have some Copic Markers - I had one tiny Sharpie in the right colour purple/blue and wore it out doing all the pages, and the colouring in leaves a bit to be desired - it shows up worse on the photo than it did in real life!

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  1. what a great looking swap - and I love that stamp Lyn :-)