Thursday, 23 December 2010

Totally out of character!

I've made a card for my sister's birthday in January and I am sure she will be very surprised when she opens the envelope - there's no ink splashed around, no paint dolloped on and everything is very neat and tidy! I even kept my hands clean throughout the operation of making it! Both sides fold in and it ends up like a little book tied up with a ribbon.

I actually enjoyed making it but it was time consuming and I must admit that I don't always have enough patience to do fiddly bits. I think this sort of card will only be made for special occasions in future!

Snowy Days

Many years go by without a trace of snow in Devon but we've had enough over the past week to make up for it! It's very pretty and a novelty for a while but we are now getting a bit fed up with it because it's compacted in the driveway and lane, and of course the gritters don't come along the little lanes like ours.  Luckily Geoff's been home all week so I haven't had to drive - he's been taking me to and from work which is great.

I took a wander around the garden with my camera:

My Shadow - nice long legs despite the knobbly knees (it's the welly boots, honest!)