Monday, 31 October 2016

Blogtober - the final post

Something a bit different for my last Blogtober post.

Going back to March, my children bought me a voucher to attend a glass fusion workshop with the lovely Claudia Weigand of Oh My Glass which is in a little village near Worcester and I arranged to go in April. What a great day! Hubby and I drove up the evening before and stayed in a beautiful little old fashioned pub nearby called The Boot Inn (the food was amazing).! On the Saturday I attended the course and hubby entertained himself in the rain (we actually woke to snow but that soon turned to rain). I think he spent most of the day sitting in his car reading.

We made three items, the first a wall hanging - I chose to do my birthsign:

This is clear glass with an embossed design.

My second piece was a different wall hanging where we made a design laying pieces of coloured glass over a long plain piece. The idea (in my head) was not to have everything in line - I like the more random edges. I tried to depict sunset over a beach.

My last piece was a candle holder - the idea was to make something that 'drooped' (I can't remember the correct name for it!). The design is fired flat at first and then it is fired a second time over a form and it then takes that shape. I used pieces of copper (the hearts), foil and wire to make the design.

I really loved doing this and it is definitely something I'd like to do more of ..... one day!

So it is now the end of Blogtober - thanks for taking a look at my posts. Hopefully having been kick-started into resuming my blog I will now keep it up.

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