Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Blogtober - post 7. My home made gelli plates .....

Although I already have 2 gelli plates, when I saw a recipe demo'd by Jennifer Petz on her YouTube channel ( and I had the ingredients to hand, I had to try it out.

I'm not sure that I had the right sort of alcohol; the recipe is for American ingredients and states 95% alcohol - I had surgical spirit so used that. I guess a high proof Vodka might have worked too ...... but why waste Vodka trying?! I made one tiny plate and one a about 3" x 6". I used the tiny one first; it worked fine for the first few prints pulled but gradually started to break up on the top (this is when I thought my alcohol might not be right as all other ingredients were as the recipe). It did leave some interesting patterns, so not a total waste. The larger plate seemed sturdier and I used that several times without it breaking up at all. I did find pulling the last of the paint off of the plate wasn't quite so easy as with a purchased plate but I cleaned up with a baby wipe and the paint came straight off.

The one thing I would say is to have some ventilation in your room; those plates totally stink! It wasn't helped by the fact I was also using an onion to print with today so the mixed vapours around me were very pungent!

This is the larger plate - the frilly edges are from the pot I used to make it in, they didn't affect the use at all:

This is the little plate - not quite big enough for the prints to be used for an ATC - I should have thought that out better! But it can be melted back down and made in a different container next time. You can see how the top is breaking down slightly.

This print was done on the smaller plate:

Here I was pulling the remains of the paint off of the larger plate; there was a bit of paint left on the plate after this pull but I just wiped it clean with a baby wipe, let in dry and popped it back in the pot it was made in. 

So, will I continue to make these - possibly not but it was fun to try and I will keep these on the go, melting down and re-setting when necessary. If you haven't got a gelli plate then this is a very easy and quick way to get one and if you can get the correct ingredients I would imagine it would hold up better than mine!


  1. vey clever and you got some decent prints out of them too!!

  2. Ah, the smells of the craft room!!! LOL... Gelli plates are expensive so it's a good idea to make your own if you can get the hang of it. Vodka though probably won't work- 95% alcohol is 190 proof... I don't know if Vodka comes in 190 proof. Also, Vodka is probably ethanol and what you want is isopropanol... try Shiny Hardware Limited on Amazon. :)

  3. I have still never seen a gelli plate in the flesh or seen how to use one. I suppose I should watch some you tube videos as I really don't understand what you use them for - but well done for making your own